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Dental Sealant

Sealants are a way to protect the chewing surface of the back teeth from cavities. The deep, narrow grooves on the molars and premolars are hard to keep clean because they are usually narrower than a tooth brush bristle. This makes it difficult and in fact, almost impossible to rid the grooves of food and bacteria. As the bacteria reacts with the food, acids form and break down the tooth enamel, causing cavities.

The back teeth are usually the first to form cavities in children as they are the most susceptible. Sealants protect these areas by sealing the grooves and depressions, thereby preventing bacteria and food particles from residing there.


Dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of teeth — usually the back teeth (the premolars and molars) — to prevent tooth decay.


Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes.

Placing sealants is quick and easy for the patient. The sealant material is a resin that bonds to the tooth structure within the grooves, partially filling them up to the level of the surrounding tooth structure. This creates a smoother surface that is much easier to keep clean. The sealant lasts for several years but needs to be checked during regular appointments.

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