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Everything You Need to Know About Professional Dental Sealants and How They Can Improve Your Oral Health

What are Professional Dental Sealants and How Do They Work?

Professional dental sealants help prevent tooth decay, tooth enamel erosion, and cavities. The procedure involves the application of a thin, plastic coating to the chewing surfaces of teeth. This coating helps to seal out food particles and bacteria that lead to decay and other issues.

Dental sealant procedures are painless and can help protect your teeth for years. Dental sealants are often recommended for children as soon as their adult teeth come in—that’s how quick and painless the procedure is. Dental sealants can also be used on adults who may be at risk for cavities due to poor oral hygiene or other factors.

At Winchester Family Dentistry, we believe in doing everything we can to prevent decay and disease, saving you from painful and expensive procedures that may otherwise have been necessary. If you’re looking for a professional dental sealant service in Columbus, Georgia, look no further than our experienced team at Winchester Family Dental. We offer quality dental care with a focus on preventative measures such as professional teeth sealants to ensure your smile stays healthy for years to come.

The Benefits of Getting Professional Sealants

The benefits of getting professional sealants are immeasurable. Dental sealants prevent tooth decay and cavities in children as well as adults. During dental sealant procedures, dentists apply a thin, protective coating to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. The sealant acts as a barrier to help keep food particles and bacteria from getting stuck in the grooves of the teeth. Brushing (and flossing in particular) can be difficult in these areas, so sealants go a long way to protect parts of our mouths we may not be able to clean thoroughly on our own at home.

At Winchester Family Dentistry in Columbus, Georgia, our team of trained professionals can apply professional dental sealants quickly and painlessly. This procedure is hands-down one of the most effective ways to prevent tooth decay, cavity formation, and other dental health issues that can arise due to poor oral hygiene habits.

Though the most important benefit of getting professional sealants may be the prevention of tooth decay, there are many other benefits patients experience thanks to the tooth sealant procedure. Tooth sealants can provide improved aesthetics, improved comfort when eating or drinking, reduced sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, and more.

Contact Winchester Family Dentistry today to learn more about how dental sealants can help you. Schedule your Columbus, Georgia dental sealant appointment today! We’ll make sure you leave our office with a smile.

What to Expect During a Professional Dental Sealant Procedure

Professional dental sealant procedures are quick and painless. In fact, a tooth sealant procedure might be the easiest way to protect your teeth from cavities and decay. Though the procedure is quick and painless, Winchester Family Dentistry treats every patient and every procedure with the utmost respect and dedication.

At Winchester Family Dentistry in Columbus, Georgia, our focus is always on the comfort and happiness of our patients. This is why our team of experienced dental professionals will walk you through the entire process of getting a dental sealant applied, answering any questions you have. We’ll explain what to expect during the procedure, how long it will take, and what you can do to ensure that your teeth remain properly sealed.

Our favorite things that all patients can expect after a professional dental procedure? Long-lasting protection from tooth decay. Elevated confidence that your teeth are taken care of. And most importantly: happy, toothy, bright, wide smiles for years to come.

How Much Does a Professional Dental Sealant Procedure Cost?

Dental sealants are a safe and cost-effective way to prevent tooth decay and cavities. Professional dental sealants can be expensive, but they are worth the cost in terms of long-term dental health.

The cost of a professional dental sealant procedure may depend on several factors. The type of material used, the complexity of the procedure, and whether or not insurance coverage is available all play huge roles in determining the cost of a dental sealant procedure.

At Winchester Family Dentistry, we explain billing thoroughly, providing the most accurate quotes we can to our patients. Our experienced dental and office staff will always take the time to sit with you and figure out the best course of action for your situation. We work with patients within and outside of insurance coverage to get them the preventative dental care they need. Let us help you, too! Call us today to schedule your dental sealant appointment at Winchester Family Dentistry of Columbus, Georgia.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Teeth After Getting a Professional Dental Sealant

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is not only important for your mouth—it’s important for your overall well-being. Teeth sealants will help you protect your teeth, but it is important to follow some post-procedure tips to maximize that protection. But don’t worry—these tips are easy to follow and will fit nicely within your normal oral hygiene routines.

You may be expecting us to say that flossing and avoiding sugary snacks is the best way to preserve your dental sealant. Though these are two excellent ways to preserve your dental health, the best way to maximize the benefits of your dental sealant may surprise you.

The best way to maintain dental sealants is to brush your teeth properly. It may sound funny, but many people make it all the way into adulthood without ever thinking about how they’re brushing their teeth. In comparison, most people learn in grade school about the proper way to wash their hands: sing happy birthday, get between your fingers, under your nails, etc. But can you remember learning a similar lesson when it comes to brushing your teeth? Probably not.

At Winchester Family Dentistry, we can teach you the best toothbrushing practices and techniques. We recommend everyone brush at least twice a day to maintain healthy teeth and gums. But if you have questions about how hard to brush, which direction to go in, how many minutes you should spend doing it, or any other toothbrushing-related questions, we would love to answer them.

There is no need to feel embarrassment or shame if you have toothbrushing questions, especially after a dental sealant procedure. At Winchester Family Dentistry in Columbus, GA, we want our patients to feel confident in their health and well-being. After a dental sealant procedure, we will walk you through the best practices that will help you maintain the dental sealant and maximize the protection it provides.

If you require a dental sealant, please call our office to schedule an appointment.